VISTA DI CARINI , 2019. oil on canvas, 80x60 cm
Di creste e ventri , 2019. graphite, charcoal, china ink on paper 25,5x17 cm
Pasticceria occulta , 2019, oil on canvas, 35x25 cm
Di creste e ventri (luce e tenebre) , 2019. graphite, charcoal and china ink, 25,5 x17 cm
La grande coque, 2019, oil on canvas, 80x60 cm
Urizen, 2019. drawing on paper 25x18 cm (inspired by W.Blake, The book of Urizen, 1794)
Cementopunk, installation view, 2018
Giuseppe-Buzzotta,Untitle,oil and acrylic on canvas, 205x145 cm,Operativa-Roma
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Giuseppe Buzzotta

Giuseppe Buzzotta was born in Palermo (IT) 1983. Lives and works between Palermo and Milan. 

Buzzotta's research arises as a production of images that seek the absence of separation between the things of reality.

His painting is placed beyond the dualistic aspect, on the border between the physical and real world and the symbolic and mnemonic world, the works have various possibilities of technical realization precisely in an attempt to unify the expressions of doing in art.  These images come to grips with the present, which is also intrinsically reminiscent, playing with time and its senselessness.
The sign here is a passage of fire, to be understood as an exercise of a methodical, rhythmic will, which transforms the vast space, always lived as "sky", that is, as a vastness within which known and unknown phenomena are observed.

He exhibited at :Kunsthalle west lana (2019);  The Delaware Contemporary, USA (2017); the Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art, New York (2017) ; American Academy in Rome (2012);  La Maison Rouge - Fondation Antoine De Galibert, Paris; (2012); Museo Riso, Palermo (2013); Militar museum of Beograd, (2010).