Corpo, 2017. Oli on canvas, 70x50 cm
Figura segreta, 2017. Oil on canvas, 80x60 cm
Veste all’Alba di Thiruvanantapuram, 2017. Oil on canvas. 70x50 cm
Sei ore nel deserto, 2017. Six A3 papers. 88x80 cm
Untitled, 2017. Ink of china, ink. 80x60 cm
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Giuseppe Buzzotta


Giuseppe Buzzotta was born in Palermo in 1983.

Buzzotta's painting presents itself as a search for images that seek the absence of separation between real things. Beyond the dualistic aspect, on the border between the physical and real world and the symbolic and mnemonic one, the works have various possibilities of technical realization precisely in the attempt to unify the expressions of creating in art. These images deal with the present which is also intrinsically memory, play with time and its nonsense. The sign here is a pass of fire. It transforms vast space, always experienced as heaven, that is, a vast 'space' within which known and unknown phenomena can be observed.

He received his bachelor's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo in 2009, after studying Chemistry, he participated in the exhibitions: 2015 FICARRA CONTEMPORARY DIVAN, Summer School with Lois Weinberger curated by Lòrand Hegyi, 2014 AH SI VA A ORIENTE , curated by Daniela Bigi at the Rome Art Foundation, 2013 LET IT GO curated by Nari Ward and SACS at the American Academy in Rome, 2013 BODY, only Cripta747 Turin, 2012 LES ASSOCIATIONS LIBRES a project of the Dena Foundation in Paris by Chiara Parisi and Nicola Setari, Christian Frosi and Diego Perrone, La Maison Rouge. 2010 REAL PRESENCE by Dobrilla Degri and Biljana Tomic, Military Museum of Belgrade. His works are also published in the texts: T-A-X-I attitude (s) and current research in Italy, 2014 and TERRAZZE, artists, stories, places in Italy in the zero years. Edited by Laura Barreca, Andrea Lissoni, Luca Lo Pinto, Costanza Paissan. The four-year Rome, Marsilio. He is among the curators and founders of independent projects for contemporary research: L 'A project space Palermo, Il museo delle Palme, Carini Museo.