Cuore di buffone, 2017, oil on canvas, 70x80 cm
Licheni del sole, 2018, oil on canvas, 30x30 cm
Nostalgia impotente, 2018, oil on canvas, 30x25 cm
Palpebre chiuse, 2016, oil on canvas, 25x30 cm
Pensieri rudimentali, 2018, oil on canvas, 20x20 cm
Prepenem, 2016, oil on canvas, 30x30 cm
Untitled, 2016, oil on canvas, 23x27 cm
Vizi minori, 2017, oil on canvas, 60x70 cm_LOW
Iva Lulashi, Nevrastenia, 2018, oil on canvas, 25 x 30 cm
Installation view, EROTICOMMUNISM, 2018
installation view, EROTICOMMUNISM, 2018
Installation view, EROTICOMMUNISM, 2018
Installation view, EROTICOMMUNISM, 2018
Iva Lulashi, Untitled, 2018, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm
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Iva Lulashi

Iva Lulashi (1988) was born in Tirana, Albania. She lives and works in Milan. In 2016 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Her work starts from traces found, scene photos or frames that reflect the visual language of an Albanian story, which has never been consciously lived where it begins to incorporate erotic movies, confusing the border between the communist propaganda stills in the movies, scenes of sex, and healthy outdoor activities. 

Iva is part of the collective Malutta Foundation with which she has taken part in various projects such as the Malutta Black Market Foundation, Monitor Gallery in Rome, Malutta Meets the Albanian Pavilion Foundation, workshop, Venice Biennale and Rob Pruitt’s flea market, AplusA Gallery in Venice.

She has participated in workshops in Venice (Forte Marghera), Bruges (Het Entrepot), Salzburg (Nata Wien), Shkoder (Arthouse) and Milan (Viafarini in residence). Iva has exhibited her works in various spaces such as: “Biennale Mediterranea”, Galeria kombtare e arteve (Tirana), “Premio Francesco Fabbri”, Villa Brandolini (Treviso),”Premio Combat”, Giovanni Fattori (Livorno), ”Uninspired Architetur: Public Space and Public Memory in Albania” Sincresis Arte Gallery (Empoli), ”Frames”, Villa Rondinelli, Archivio Porcinai (Fiesole), ”Where i feel, there i am”, Miza Gallery (Tirana), Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone (Milano),”Love as a glass of water”, Salzburger Kunstverein (Salisburgo).