Gulsun Karamustafa

Opening: March 21 2006 / 7 pm March 21 -June 20th, 2006 Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Via Ventura 3, Milano

Curated by Teresa Macrì

Karamustafa has lived the last events of contemporary Turkey, smashing in the stereotypes of the iconographic and multimedia tradition. The entire work of the artist is bound to the knowledge and to the reshaping of the contemporary being as becoming a thinking subject in progress.

Karamustafa succeeds in emphasizing memories and mnemonic surpasses, changes and translations in an extraordinary way, through an effervescent eclecticism of shapes and mediums. Karamustafa has a fresh intuitiveness came from the intensity she lives her life, being also able to transliterate it in representations that reach both the social level and the world’s changes. Her works refer to various topics, all reciprocally connected, such as: city, daily life, religion, immigration, politics, economy, gender and stereotypes. The Individual Self and the Collective One. Her works are never schematic or crystallized since they are driven by an investigative flow. Ritually, Karamustafa returns on the same work over and over,modifying it, rearrange it in a more complex way. The photo becomes installation, the video photography, and the installation film. And everything can be still changed, reopened or reinvented continuously.